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I was born in 1968, graduated as an MBA then started a career in Information Technology. Though I enjoyed taking snapshots in my youth, my passion for photography only really started when I decided to take a career break in Africa back in 1993, together with Elyane Van Coillie, my girlfriend. This 24000 km, 6 month trip took us from Zanzibar to Cape Town, and proved to be a real eye-opener for both of us.

Despite wanting to establish ourselves in Namibia, we returned to Belgium, got married, and resumed our jobs : PR consultant for Elyane, IT consultant for me.

Since then, we have both dropped our former jobs in favor of a freelance photography career.

While Elyane became an event & lifestyle photographer, my focus clearly lies in nature & wildlife photography.

My subjects are primarily waterbirds, dragonflies and butterflies; my favorite hunting grounds : shores, river deltas & lakes in most of Europe, but also in North and central America, as well as in Africa. The equipment I mostly use : a wide range of Canon gear, various hides/blinds (extensive use of self-made floating blinds), sometimes infrared or laser barriers, …

I was fortunate enough to win several international photography awards, among which “Emotion’Aile/Av├Ęs” (Belgium), “International Canon Nature Photography Awards”, “Nature & Wildlife Photography Awards” in Montier (France), and the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year … My work has been published in several countries, and is distributed by Bios, Oxford Scientific / PictureLibrary, FLPA, FotoNatura, Okapia as well as by NaturImages.