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Exhibition in Montier-en-Der

My “Monochromes” exhibition will be displayed in Montier-en-Der, France, during the “Festival International de la Photo Animalière et de Nature”, world’s largest nature photo festival. As I will have more space available than in Namur, there will be more pictures displayed.

Theme : “Monochromes” : a collection of monochrome photographs of wildlife in it’s habitat. 13 or 14 large photographs (120 cm x 80 cm) on aluminum.

When : from the 19th till the 22th of November, 9.00 till 19.00.

Where : Salle de Ceffonds, 52220 Montier-en-Der, France

A couple of previews :

Milky Swan

Milky Swan

Light Shaft on Canada Geese

Mr & Mrs

5 comments to Exhibition in Montier-en-Der

  • Briggs

    Tried twice to e-mail you but won’t go through. I would like to know if you are selling a print of your “White on White” photo that was in the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest.

    Though this comment should be here, as well, in hopes you will see one or other!

    If I could hear from you, that would be great! Thanks.

  • I’m sorry about the unsuccessful attempts at e-mailing me. Please look at the ‘contact’ page (click the tab on top left of this page) for the right address.

    Yes, I do sell fine art prints – I’ve sent you more details by e-mail.

    Thank you !

  • hette

    sublime… tout en finesse !

  • Rebecca

    We found your photo “White on White” at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition in Adelaide, South Australia today. We absolutely loved it, and would like to buy a print – is it possible to buy a print from you please?

    I’ll email you the details as well – thanks so much!

  • Hello Rebecca,

    Thank you for the compliments !

    Yes, prints of “White on White” are available. I will send you an e-mail with more details.

    Have a nice day,


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