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PicsMobile in Iceland

Par manque de temps, je n’ai pas pu terminer ma série sur le camion. Le rush final avant de partir pour un peu plus de deux mois en Islande a été … haut en couleurs. Mais nous avons réussi, et sommes actuellement sur place. Pour nous suivre : PicsMobile-in-Iceland.

I haven’t had the time to finish my series of articles about Pics-Mobile, our truck : the final rush to leave for 2 month in Iceland was … epic. Should you be interested, here’s a page with some more up-to-date info: PicsMobile-in-Iceland.

1 comment to PicsMobile in Iceland

  • Bernhard Pausett

    Hi, how are you up there. Many thanks for the good time we spent together. We have given me a lot of inspiration. It was very nice to meet a pro. Your work are very nice.
    I had a good time in Island after Elisabeth left. Spent 24 hours at Jökulsarlon and a night at Dalatangi, a lighthouse at the east coast. The yellow one you see when you leave Seidisfj. on the right hand side.
    Have a nice stay all of you.

    Best regards

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