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The finishing touch, part 3

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Next, let’s look at the back of the truck :

Photo 1 : Rear view

Photo 2 : Sand plates, stowed between the beams

In 1: Sand plates in durable and very strong synthetic material, a bit lighter than steel plates, 2.5 meters long. Stowed between […]

The finishing touch, part 2

en Français

In English Now let’s go on with the right side of the truck :

Photo 1 : Right side view, lowered roof

Photo 2 : Tool box

Photo 3 : Modified exhaust

In 1: Standard storage boxes are made from some synthetic material, so they are sturdy, practical, and […]

PicsMobile : The finishing touch, part1

en Français

In English I’ve already waited too long to update this page concerning PicsMobile, as quite a few improvements and additions were made to the truck since our two months long test-trip in Iceland back in 2010. Essential modifications, and – only according to Elyane – some gadgets were added. But she’s wrong […]

Notre camion d’expedition, partie 4 : le gros œuvre

Text in English in the previous article

Voici quelques images de la construction et de la mise en place de la cellule arrière :

Pic 1 : Châssis

Pic 2 : Pose de la cabine

  Un châssis spécifique sur lequel sera fixé la cabine arrière est posé sur le châssis du camion. Cette […]

My expedition truck, part 4 : the shell building

Texte en Français dans l’article suivant

Below, please find some pictures of the construction of the rear cell :

Pic 1 : Chassis

Pic 2 : Rear cab installation

A specific chassis was built for the rear cabin, and is placed on the chassis of the truck. This independent structure provides the flexibility […]

My expedition truck, part 3 : the rear cabin lay-out

Texte en Français ci-dessous

After quite an extensive research on the rear cabin building, I came to the following conclusions :

Pic 1 : approximated global view

– choosing for a container-based cabin is cheap – but is far from ideal (insulation, space/size, window & door placement, …) ;

– the Dutch are pretty […]

Happy New Year !

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My expedition truck, part 2 : the choosen truck

Warning : I have been asked quite a few questions on the more technical aspects of the vehicle. So this article is for those who are interested in these boring, but essential aspects of an expedition vehicle.

OK, we finally found our truck : it will be a MAN TGM 13.290 4×4 BL DoKa, 4.25 […]

My expedition truck, part 1 : searching for a truck

Hello all !

After quite some time spent longing, thinking and discussing about it, Elyane and I finally decided we were going to build a new expedition vehicle. Our requirements are that it should be heavily photo-oriented (‘real’ 4×4 – with good off-road capabilities, sturdy and reliable, roomy enough to accommodate for the heavy and […]